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Connecting to Minerva Efforts

Minerva funds basic research in the social sciences, with an inherently open time horizon, so its most important impacts are expected to come in the years ahead. Still, many of the insights can and have been applied to inform policy for today's defense priorities as well. Minerva scholars have briefed valuable, warfighter-relevant insights to senior officials such as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, decision makers in the defense policy community, and on the ground to our combatant commands.

Current and previously funded Minerva efforts are listed on this site under University-Led Research and Minerva Chairs Program. Engagement throughout with government policy makers, operators, and scientists through the Minerva staff will help to ensure that this university-driven research is not conducted in a vacuum and that Minerva priorities continue to target the most critical social and cultural knowledge gaps. If there are specific projects you'd like to learn more about, please contact Minerva leadership.

Contributing to future Minerva topics

Each spring the Minerva program seeks recommendations from DoD and USG national security policy and operational communities for topical directions of future research supported by this university-based, social science basic research program.

As DoD's strategic priorities evolve so do Minerva's. The solicitation for new basic research in the year ahead will include updated topics informed by input from you - DoD policy makers and operators - to ensure that Minerva priorities continue to target the most critical knowledge gaps.

We would appreciate your recommendations for:

  1. Edits to existing topic descriptions.
  2. Further questions that might be asked within an existing domain of interest
  3. A new domain of interest where external dynamics may affect individuals or populations which then affect regional stability (e.g., causes and impacts of food security, informal economies, corruption, demographics, cultural messaging, gender, migration, etc.)

Any comments you can provide by 1 April would be much appreciated. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Minerva program representatives.

Erin Fitzgerald, ASD(R&E)
LTC Stephanie Ahern, OSD-Policy
OSD Minerva Research Initiative