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Priority Research Topics for FY 2015

The topics listed are intended to provide a frame of reference for current Minerva interests though not to be restrictive. Topics are not mutually exclusive and proposals may consider issues relating to questions, scope, or regions beyond those listed.

More detailed descriptions can be found in the FY15 Broad Agency Announcement.

Learn how to submit proposals for new research related to these topics.

Q: How do you pick these topics?

The Minerva Research Initiative aims to target its funded research at the most important fundamental knowledge gaps impacting national security. Each spring the Minerva program staff invites government communities of interest to send ideas for topics the Minerva program might prioritize for future university research solicitations. These suggested topics (or the research questions that could be distilled) make up the bulk of the priority research topics currently listed.

To submit ideas or learn more about this process, contact Minerva staff.